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Gallery of Cakes

Welcome! We're proud to display a small selection of the many cakes we've created over the years. We'd love to hear your feedback :-) Enjoy!

How To Cake Like A Gentleman

Protagoris said "Man is the Measure of All Things". You should have heard what he said about a Man's Cake...

Edible Luxury

Now even your cakes are brand name. Show your sweetheart how you celebrate with class!

How Do You Think Noah Did Birthdays on the Ark?

Whether your son is a fan of tigers, your daughter loves kittens, or you just want to make your pet turtle feel special too, we've got the cake for you! Check out our animal cakes gallery for some ideas!

Yeah, Chagall Loves Cakes Too

When we say Yonnie can do anything, we mean ANYTHING. Go on, challenge him - how about a cake so big you'd have to remove the storefront windows to take it home? Oh, he's done that too...just ask Toni

Cupcakes Are Cakes Too!

Say "Cupcakes"...doesn't that make you smile? Cupcakes are happy little creations that live in Gallery-of-Cakes-Land and love to party! Invite a bunch over to your event and they'll bring the smiles :-)
And so do we! If the word "Wedding" ever got married, it would probably be to the word "Cake". This is the cake of your lifetime, so it had better be as special and delicious as you are!